The salon is a supportive queer feminist space for writers of diverse experiences.

Bring your baby bird novels, your early screenplays, your essays, your short stories, your poems. Hell, bring your greeting card ideas.

This is a soft space for genderqueer writers, for trans writers, for black writers, for femme writers, for fat writers, for disabled writers, for poor writers, for older writers. 

Whether you're seasoned or just starting out. There is value in sharing space with your peers. You belong here. 

We are done being forced off the page. 

Let's work. 

  • Writing workshop | Prompt provided | Short projects welcome

    Wed, Sat

    2 hr

    Donation based
  • Group review and feedback on pieces, up to 3000 words.


    2 hr

    25 US dollars

During each session, we will have a brief bodied meditation followed by a prompt, which can be used or ignored. Then we will write for 10 to 20 minutes. Everyone will read their piece. The first round of feedback is all oriented around positive aspects of the work. Each writer can then ask for one specific criticism of the piece and receive responses from the group regarding that question.

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If there's any difficulty please let me know. I look forward to sharing this space with you!