My name is Leigh Green. I am a writer and editor living in NYC.
I've studied at UNCC and NYU. My background is in Art History, Gender Studies, and Anthropology.  
My body of work is expansive, critical, and compassionate. 
I center my writing practice in a gender-critical, fat liberationist, black feminist perspective. I'm keen to engage on the subject of bodied liberation and the creation of community. 

Our collective possibilities are bound only by our ability to imagine and communicate new modes of being. 
Write radically.



"Leigh distinguishes herself as someone who maintains a positive energy, is constantly looking to learn and improve, and ever undeterred by hard work. She is dependable, trustworthy, and collaborative.
A particular strength of Leigh’s is her penchant for creative work, which involves the spoken word, writing, and singing. With her creativity and passion for social justice, she will offer a unique perspective, and have the ability to envision a more progressive big picture."

Jen Lim

"I hired Leigh to help with a preliminary round of edits for a book manuscript and I was thrilled with the results. Her attention to detail was exceptional - she went as far as to double-check my math and other elements that I would never have expected her to review. I've worked with editors from larger publishing houses that do not put in 1/10th of the effort and care that Leigh puts into her work. Would definitely recommend!"

Patrick Gilbert

"I hired Leigh as developmental editor and proofreader for a large writing project. I can't recommend her services enough. Leigh possesses an incredible instinct for story and a razor-sharp eye for style and pace. Looking forward to working with Leigh again in the near future! "

Isaac Rudansky

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